Forced To Fight To The Death: The Cruel Dogfights In Northern China That Organisers Insist Are Just ‘Entertainment’


I read this article and as a dog lover and owner it made me feel physically sick.

Dogfights, to the death, are organised by villagers in Sanjiao village in Jishan county in northern China’s Shanxi province to mark the finale of the Spring Festival celebrations.

The competition is open to anyone who brought a dog along, and the winner of each bout is rewarded with a pack of cigarettes and a china mug.

It is hardly surprising given China’s human rights record that they have no animal rights laws and dog fights in China are legal as long as they aren’t being bet on.

Whilst animal rights activists are up in arms over the events, locals who organise the barbaric fights deemed them necessary entertainment in their isolated region.

Sadly the Chinese government places no value on animal lives and I personally believe that anyone who could sit and watch 2 dogs rip each other to shreds and regard it merely as entertainment are severely sick, unfeeling individuals.

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Waiting For The Shoe To Drop


Since I’ve returned from holiday I’ve been feeling great. My mood is even and stable, my appetite has died down to that of a normal person and my sleep pattern has been fantastic. This has left me waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for things to go to pot.

I don’t remember when I last felt this “normal”, I’m not used to feeling this even and in control of myself and it has left me anxious as to when my mood will shift again bringing me back to stress and turmoil.

It is the one black cloud in my otherwise sunny sky.

I know I should just relax and enjoy my feelings as they are now but I’m scared of the shift. How long will this feeling last and when it changes which way will I go up or down?

Book Review: Fool Me THRICE by Carley Esprit-Phillip


I have just finished reading the debut book Fool Me THRICE by WordPress’s Carley Esprit-Phillip from Journey With Carley, ,and this is my book review:

This book is real. It’s the most intimate and detailed biography that I have ever read and I loved it.

It is a very easy read and I really enjoyed the fact that it was like sneakily reading the author’s diary with all her secrets, feelings and thoughts.

I think the author really drew you into her life, no holds barred, and makes you feel her highs and lows with her. This book is a raw insight to female sexuality, empowerment and relationships as well as openly talking about the author’s and featured ‘charachters’ mental health issues.

Unfortunately for me I started reading this book just before I was going to sleep which as it turned out was a very bad idea as the book was so engaging I couldn’t put it down, I just had to find out what happened next and I ended up reading the whole book in one go.

I definitely loved this book and would certainly recommend it. I hope there’s a sequel out there somewhere on the horizon.


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Strange Things Happening To My Blog …

I don’t know what has happened since I went to Tenerife but it seems like a lot of the blogs I was following I’m now for some reason no longer following.

I don’t know if this is a WordPress issue or if it is just my blog affected but I have not actively unfollowed anyone and everyone I’ve lost I wil find you again DUH DUH DUH!